Dear Parents and Campers,

We’d like to introduce our Lacrosse and Leadership Camp for boys and girls to you. This camp was designed to address a void in the growing lacrosse community. While players are sometimes spending time playing for multiple teams, there appears to be a lack of leadership and team building development. We have found the perfect facilities for this type of camp. This summer we have locations in CT, MD, NY, OR and VA. These camp site offers the best of both worlds. Amenities ranging from, top-notch training environment with several athletic fields, an indoor field-house, a box lacrosse rink, and a traditional camp setting that comes complete with cabins, a lake front, swimming pools, climbing walls, obstacle rope courses and more!

We help campers learn about being part of something – a team or cause – bigger than themselves. The camp combines outstanding lacrosse instruction with off-field camp activities designed to promote teamwork and teach leadership skills. At the end of camp, we want all campers to not only be better lacrosse players, but also recognize how as leaders they can be more valuable to their team, their school, and their community.

On behalf of our staff, we look forward to the opportunity to meet and work with you this summer.

Best regards,

Lacrosse and Leadership Camp Staff

Bill Rexford

Bill Rexford – Leadership Director

Brian Farrell – NY Lacrosse Director

Jeff Tambroni, Head Coach, Penn State University

Jeff Tambroni – Guest Speaker

Kim Williams – CT Lacrosse Director

David Shriver, Assistant Coach, Georgetown University

David Shriver – Guest Speaker

Paige Messersmith – MD & VA Lacrosse Director

Core Values

We inspire our campers by providing an unforgettable lacrosse youth instruction experience that is the result of a dedicated staff, a progressive instructional curriculum, and superior customer service.

We create lasting memories and friendships at camp by surrounding the campers with a passionate lacrosse camp staff and a creative daily schedule that fosters meaningful interaction with all campers.  We always remember that after all, this is camp!

We provide a unique opportunity for campers to improve their lacrosse game through personal attention, setting goals and an energetic staff that is committed to the individual development of each camper.

We promote a safe and healthy camp environment by providing a responsible staff that supervises all camp activities and who are trained to be role models for our campers both on and off the field.

We practice teamwork through leadership opportunities that lead to on-field lessons of integrity, honesty and mutual encouragement.

Camp Highlights

The Lacrosse and Leadership Camp Sites offer a unique opportunity for campers to live in cabins or campus dorm rooms with their peers. Campers will be grouped based on age and those groupings will become a major part of each camper’s experience. The cabins or room groupings are the “units” that campers train with on the field to develop together as better leaders. Each unit will include 1-2 coaches who stay in the campers’ cabins, and provide around-the-clock supervision, support, and mentorship. Cabins compete against other cabins in leadership challenges, lacrosse challenges, and fun games like canoe races or team-building competitions.

Lacrosse Curriculum

With three daily lacrosse sessions, players can expect to improve their individual skills at our skill clinics. Players will also enjoy competing against other camp teams at evening scrimmages.

Skill Clinics
Lax and Leadership camp field

In addition to the leadership development sessions, players will work through a number of Skill Clinics. These Skill Clinics are designed for players based on their position:

  • Shooting
  • Defense (Team and Individual)
  • Fast Breaks
  • Dodging
  • Defensive skill development
  • Advanced offensive concepts
  • Clears
  • Face-Off and Wing Play
  • Man Up, Man Down
Leadership Seminars

The leadership curriculum is taught both on and off the field. During leadership sessions, campers hear stories, anecdotes, and lessons about the importance of leadership within teams and organizations. They are given examples of great leaders, along with the qualities or actions that helped define those individuals as leaders. Using these stories as a foundation, campers learn how to define leadership for themselves and inspire and lead their teammates.

Water Activities

The on-site lake provides lacrosse campers with a number of fun summer activities while at camp. The waterfront area features a dock for campers to swim from, along with stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and canoes. Anchored just off shore is a blob and water trampoline! Campers always enjoy launching each other into the water between sessions. After cooling off with a swim, campers can take canoes for a spin around the lake, or borrow fishing poles to try to catch some of the local fish. Our staff supervises all of the waterfront activities, and will accompany campers who want to take out canoes, go fishing, or jump in the pool between sessions.

*water activities may vary per location*